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Love the aesthetic! I played it for a video here: 

 Seemed to get a bug where the movie didn't start my first playthrough but got it working second try.


I loved the aesthetic and the colors... it really captures that low-poly charm! The world needs more lesbian wuxia.





I loved it


Thanks for checking it out!!


Unfortunately, there seems to be a problem with this game. Whenever I press the TAB button, the lighting plan never comes up. I downloaded this game twice to make sure it was working properly. However, I'm not too sure whether it's just my computer at fault here either.


Hey, thanks for letting us know! I think the UI isn't working for certain aspect ratios, is there any chance you could send us your screen resolution?  We'll try and have it fixed soon!

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Sorry about the late reply. I kept on forgetting to reply to you! I'm not entirely sure, but I think my aspect ratio is 1366 x 768.

Made a video

The brain hole is wide open, but you are really short!


不对,我应该这样回复:Nice game, but I didn't see any horses  in this game, nor did I realize the connection between horses and mud and grass. So what's the meaning of this title?








Excuse me, I gotta go watch some Wuxia




Very cute and wholesome, this game is a masterpiece !

Thanks so much for playing!

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Oh! I think you may have downloaded an early build of the game, we've fixed some of the UI if you'd like to give it another try! Thanks for doing a lets play :)

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ok ---i think buld

I was downloading the recent upload, I guess, but it still have the same problem : slow rendering, also the lighting layout didn't show when I press Tab button so I was left wondering the whole bamboo forest where the heck do I need to put them.  

I was playing it through 1200px with fullscreen options and in Windows 10 64-bit, if that helps.

Anyway, watching the playthrough, it seems like one witty experimetal game!

Thanks for the info! We'll try and have it fixed soon! :b